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Review : Until You by Denise Grover Swank


Until You by Denise Grover Swank is a funny, happily ever after romance set in Kansas City, MO.

Tyler Norris is a hot attorney, who has sworn himself to bachelorhood after an experience with a psycho girlfriend. Tyler has been roped into being in his best friends wedding, where he runs into a hot woman at the wedding shower.

Lanie Rogers is the hot, some times sassy woman Tyler met at the wedding shower; she is also in the wedding as she is the brides cousin. She sets up new store openings for a company, who is opening a store in the area. She is somewhat of a gypsy, moving from city to city setting up stores. She can't tell people what store she is opening do to a non-disclosure agreement in her contract.

These two have some hilarious laugh out loud moments together. The best is when Lanie hits Tyler in the head with her shoe at a photo shoot for the wedding. Tyler ends up taking Lanie home and they have a secret relationship, mainly because Britt (Lanie's cousin and the bride) likes to play matchmaker. But they end up falling for each other. Until disaster hits: Tyler's law firm is trying to get Lanie's store shut down. Lanie panics and tries to push Tyler away. Afraid that they won't be able to make a long distance relationship last. That is until Tyler and his younger brother pull of a dramatic show of affection at the store opening.