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Review : Writing my own Destiny by Stacey Johnston


Writing My Own Destiny… was destined to make you swoon.

I would have to say that this is my favorite book written by Stacey Johnston. This is a romance comedy that definitely brought out the gut filled laughs for sure. It is a story of recently divorced mother of two young girls from Australia, who was invited to Miami for an author signing. It was her first time to the states and she wanted to live life to its fullest with the hopes of having a little fun on the side.

Cait and CJ had an instant dirty connection. They both had one thing on their minds when they locked eyes for the first time. SEX! Why not? He is a single, male romance author and she is newly divorced mother/author. They are both experts in writing about the naughty department. And it showed in and out of the sheets. One a scale of 1 to 10 on the steamy factor, they scored a 12.

I absolutely adored Cait. The lines thought would come out of her mouth were quite amusing. She says all the things you wish you could say. She was a straight shooter with CJ. I loved her dirty mind.

 She is someone I would want to be friends with. As for CJ, he is just perfect. What started off as the perfect, one and done, turned into something much more. Speaking of friends, I loved her narcotic friend Katie. She reminded me of one my blogger friends - always looking out for you and pushing you to be your best. Their friendship was a tight bond and they loved each other. It added more depth to the story.

Overall, this book is one of my favorites of this year. I have never laughed so darn much while reading a book. If you like, fast paced, provocative, romance story with crude humor then Writing My Own Destiny is the book for you.

Five Fun Filled STARS!